Breakout Session 1

Family feuds. Estate battles. Your Guide to Navigating Controversy with Elder Clients.

Guest Speaker: Michael Donsky, Partner, Fogler, Rubinoff LLP
Guest Speaker: Gisèle Arsenault, Acting Supervisor, Long Term Care, Social Development
Head Office Speaker: Andrew Schredl, SVP Business Development, Investment Planning Counsel

When clients lose the cognitive ability to manage their money, Advisors can end up in the middle of contentious family disputes. From estate battles and family feuds, Advisors need to be prepared to deal with a broad range of scenarios. Join this informative panel discussion and learn:

• How to approach conversations with elder clients about health and finances.
• Your obligations regarding wills, POA’s and other legal documents.
• What you need to know about identifying signs of diminished capacity and indications of financial abuse.

Social worker, Gisèle Arsenault specializes in long-term care issues. She will share her experience in identifying issues of diminished decision-making capacity and how Advisors can provide guidance and care to both seniors and their families.

Lawyer, Michael Donsky focuses his practice on broker liability, bringing invaluable experience in understanding duty of care obligations for Advisors who offer financial and legal advice to elder clients. He also brings perspective on the consequences of getting it wrong and dealing with the legal fallout of complaints.

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Digital Marketing 2.0 - Advanced Social Media Strategies for Growth

Guest Speaker: Kevin Nichols, Director of Coaching and Social Media, Oechsli Institute

“The ROI of social media is that your business will still exist in 5 years” – Eric Qualman, Socialnomics

You’ve got your website. You’ve set up your social profiles – that Facebook page looks great; your LinkedIn profile is ‘all-star’. But now what? How do you move from checking all the boxes on the ‘are you on social’ question to a place where you can expect accountability from your social media marketing?

We’ve got the answers. Learn how to create, and leverage, a meaningful prospect pipeline using social media. In this session, we will cover:

• Why being personal ‘friends’ on Facebook can create a lifetime of affluent loyalty
• Building Facebook ads that drive targeted traffic
• Creating lead magnets that appeal to your target market
• A powerful cold-prospecting strategy with proven templates
• Creating more touch points with your top relationships
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Mutual Funds, U.S. Taxes and your Clients

Guest Speaker: Peter Bowen, VP, Tax and Retirement Research, Fidelity Investments

There is an estimated 1 million U.S. citizens living in Canada today, potentially representing as much as $30 billion in mutual fund industry assets.

These individuals require very specific tax guidance about how to invest and report mutual fund and other assets to help minimize any additional U.S. taxes they could otherwise be subject to.

Financial Advisors who are able to help clients navigate these complex tax laws will be in an excellent position to further prove their value to their clients.
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Breakout Session 2

Deliver More: Amplify Your HNW Client Experience

Head Office Speaker: Paul Wylie, SVP Business Development, IPC Private Wealth

As the “go-to” wealth counsellor for your clients, and to truly stand-out as a high net worth Advisor in your market, you’ll need to be able to call upon a range of other experts — trust, estate planning, legal, and tax services just to name a few. A comprehensive solutions-based offering, will give you the opportunity to acquire and cultivate new client relationships and cater to your client’s more sophisticated wealth management needs.

To give you the edge, this session will introduce you to new partnerships we’ve formed as part of the IPC Private Wealth “First Call” program and show you how you can tap into the expertise of reputable partners to extend your offering and reach.

You’ll also learn how an alternative asset class investment can complement a high net worth client’s portfolio and learn how these strategies fit into an overall financial plan.

Join us and prepare to amplify your high-net worth client experience.
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Complex Insurance Case? We’ve Got Your Back

Guest Speaker: Bob Aggio, VP, Sales - Ontario Division, PPI Solutions
Guest Speaker: Nader Ansary, Director, Advanced Sales – Ontario Division, PPI Solutions
Guest Speaker: Brad Smith, IPC Securities Advisor, Kitchener, ON

If you’re hesitant to dive into the deep end with risk management and estate planning concepts for your most affluent clients, take heart. In this session we’ll explore ways to engage clients in a conversation about risk and dig deep to find out what’s really on their mind. You’ll discover the many ways IPC’s strategic partner, PPI, can help you open new markets and navigate through complex cases – even if insurance is not your main focus. We’ll walk you through an actual case, including the emotional journey that one advisor travelled with his clients to help them determine their estate planning objectives, and you’ll see first-hand how to present solutions with straightforward language and easy-to-understand concepts.
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Global Macro Imbalances and Opportunities

Guest Speaker: Jason LaRocco, CFA, CAIA, CIMA, Vice President Product Manager - Global Macro, Franklin Templeton Investments

For over 20 years, Templeton Global Bond Fund has scoured the globe for the best bond and currency values in order to meet its goal of providing current income with capital appreciation and growth of income. The fund invests predominantly in bonds of governments and government agencies located around the world, with a focus on investment grade securities. The Templeton Global Macro group strives to identify economic imbalances that may lead to opportunities across the three C’s—curve, currency and credit.

Jason Larocco will discuss the team's views on global interest rates and opportunities in select emerging market bonds and currencies.
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Breakout Session 3

Women Will Destroy Your Business, if You Keep Ignoring Them

Guest Speaker: Keith Sjogren, Managing Director, Strategic Insight
Guest Speaker: Kathleen Peace CFA, CFP, CDFA, Senior Financial Consultant, Woodgate Financial Inc. & IPC Securities Corporation

Canadian women will inherit approximately $920 billion in financial and hard assets over the next 10 years. Although evidence suggests that women are a distinct investor segment, over two-thirds of advisors (85% of whom are men) fail to recognize this. More significantly, they fail to adequately address their unique investment preferences or concerns, and are therefore at risk of losing business.

With a hefty amount of wealth transitioning to this segment of our population, what are you doing to protect your assets? What are the unique investment needs of women and what are their most significant challenges when it comes to proper goals-based financial planning? This break-out turns research and theory into practice. Keith will show you what the research says. He will highlight factors that are facilitating the money in motion to women and discuss what makes women a unique investor set. Kathleen will then prove how her team is successfully cultivating this demographic as a key market in their high net worth practice. She will showcase strategies her team has adapted within their business to set them up for success.

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Cyber Fraud: Recognize the Shifting Sands of Risk

Guest Speaker: Rob Swain, Director, Internal Audit, IGM Financial

Every year, thousands of Canadians fall victim to fraud. There is no “typical” victim. Professional scam artists go where the money is, which means that if you have money, you’re vulnerable. The stats are shocking. The losses are staggering. As Advisors, we’re not immune. One of the latest scams is hackers who gain access to clients' personal emails and look for revealing correspondence with financial Advisors. The scam is designed to put the Advisor in a high-stakes situation… how do you refuse a request from a client in need?

In addition to wire fraud, identity theft, ransomware and phishing, this session will talk about current trends, what to watch for and developing smart strategies to protect your clients, your data and your business.

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Navigating Small Caps in Canada

Guest Speaker: Scott Carscallen, CFA, Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Mackenzie Investments

Underfollowed, under loved, great opportunity. Why micro-caps can make a difference and add value.

Some of the most interesting opportunities right now can be found in the micro-cap space. This space tends to be underfollowed, under-appreciated, yet has some of the more interesting business opportunities and growth potential. While micro caps can provide a good source of alpha, they are higher risk investments and need to be appropriately managed in a small cap portfolio. During this presentation you will learn how the Mackenzie All Cap Value Team approaches this space with diversification in mind, by commodity, and by business through their disciplined, bottom-up investment approach.

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